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Ministry of Tourism rises concern over the mismanagement of the countries historical sites

Ministry of Tourism rises concern over the mismanagement of the countries historical sites

The Department of Tourism is worried about the rampant encroachment in tourism and heritage sites in Northern Province.

Northern Circuit Regional Coordinator in the Tourism Department, Francis Chiwere, expressed his sadness after he visited Mwela Rocks Heritage Site in Kasama district this morning after finding that communities have engaged in rock quarrying and charcoal burning within the heritage site.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chiwere said people should always understand that this site plays an important role in preserving the history of where people are coming from.

He noted that the Mwela Rocks Heritage Site needs to be safeguarded with wire fences to prevent illegal developers and those who access the premises without paying.

He said those doing quarry business around the area are also a threat to the site as they may start to tamper with the rocks in the heritage site.

“People are frustrating the government’s efforts of developing the tourism sector. Why should one come and start doing quarry business inside the heritage site? This is unacceptable,” he charged.

Mr Chiwere also called on the local people to take time with their families and visit these places during the holidays. He said children need to be taken to such sites so that they understand the history of the human race is coming from.

And Mwela Rocks and National Monument Site Manager, Robert Sichone, emphasised the need to safeguard the heritage site. Mr Sichone said with the encroachment there have been a lot of negative activities taking place and the animals have run away and poached by the people who have encroached the site.

“Charcoal burning and quarrying inside the heritage site have become the order of the day and these activities have scared the wild animals which were being seen around this place,” said Mr Sichone.

Meanwhile, Rufasi Chiponde, the site attendant at Mwela Rocks Heritage Site, has called on the Ministry of General Education in the province to encourage head teachers to be taking pupils on study tours to these historical sites.

Mr chiponde said tourism should not be seen to be for foreigners only because even locals can take advantage and learn more by visiting such sites.

He said the government is highly supporting the tourism sector and people should also take advantage by investing in the sector for it to tick.

The Zambian government has taken tourism as one of the major economic recovery sectors of the country.

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