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Minnie Dlamini-Jones is featured in a new book titled In Good Company

Minnie Dlamini-Jones

Minnie Dlamini-Jones is featured in a new book titled In Good Company which has just been released in aid of the Reach For A Dream Foundation. The visual art book features 32 awe-inspiring South Africans who have achieved greatness in different aspects of life, and Minnie is one of them.

Speaking about what the feature means, Minnie spoke about the significance of rain in her life, how being featured with other prolific people in the book meant a lot to her and how great it was that the feature would help a charity in need.

“What excites more than the industry nod of being in the book is the fact that this is for a great cause. We’re supporting the Reach For A Dream Foundation and that for me is really important,” Minnie said.
Honouring SA’s culture of greatness, In Good Company hares exceptional perspectives and astounding stories through some of our country’s top achievers, both through visual iconography cleverly woven into the fine art and short stories conveying what one can learn from these unique people.

The artist worked with each person featured to understand symbols that mean something to them personally, or how they see themselves, to create art pieces that would enable people to get to know them in a new way and be inspired by them.

When visual artist Marc-Gregory discussed this with Minnie, she said rain is a symbol that always features at profound moments in her life!

“Minnie Dlamini-Jones never sees a setback as a bad experience, but instead as another one of life’s lessons to be embraced, .like surrendering to rain. When her brother died it rained. When her son was born, it rained. She honoured life’s moment by naming her son Netha, which translates to rain. It was this idea of rain that inspired the piece, and if you look carefully, you’ll notice rocks in the rain showing us we have to weather all kinds of change in our life, some more painful than others” he said. In Good Company the exhibition is available to view in Sandton City until October 24.

Source: News365

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