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Miseshi stadium is facing extinction


Uncertainty has surrounded the future of Kitwe’s Miseshi Stadium located in Mindolo as the private owner seeks to sell the land housing the sports infrastructure.

Miseshi Stadium was owned by ZCCM before a private buyer took over during privatization in the 1990s.

It was once the home of defunct Mindolo United – a club that groomed past stars Peter Kaumba, Brighton Sinyangwe and John Kalusa among others.

Presently, FAZ Copperbelt Division 1 side Miseshi Blue Stars are using the stadium as squatters.

Plans to sell the stadium have raised eyebrows as some local people fear the new owners may have other plans not related to football – a development that can end the story of Miseshi Stadium as a sports arena.

“Why do they want to sell the stadium? As the people of Mindolo, Miseshi and Chachacha we will not allow the sale of this community stadium. We are ready to die over this stadium,” Bernard Mwila, a Mindolo resident, said.

“This stadium through Miseshi Blue Stars has produced Nkana player Kelvin Mubanga – a local icon for the youths of Miseshi, Mindolo and Chachacha. Let the council find alternative land for this private owner,” Mwila said.

Area councilor Douglas Moyo said he has engaged Kitwe City Council and the owner over the matter.

“This facility benefits the community. If you go there in the morning you will find people jogging so it will be very bad to see this stadium go easily like that,” Moyo said.

“As area councilor, with the FAZ Copperbelt Chairman Patrick Njovu, we went to the office of the Kitwe Mayor with the owner of the stadium to see how the stadium can continue benefiting the people. After the meeting it’s been resolved that the Government should buy the facility from the private owner,” the Miseshi Ward Councilor said.

Meanwhile, the stadium in question is currently in a poor state like most of the former ZCCM infrastructure on the Copperbelt.