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Drama at Parirenyatwa Hospital as Moana’s parents clash – Video

Moana’s burial continues to be a hassle as both of her parents continue to clash with each other over how she will be buried. The father Ishmael who is a Moslem wants his daughter to be buried in the Moslem way, whilst the mother is not tolerating any of that.

H-Metro followers on Wednesday asked us to show proceedings of meetings that delayed Moana’s burial & Thursday we obliged (with PERMISSION of participants)
**This is one of the discussions the family is currently having.


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In Other News: Ginimbi Will: Shocking Details Revealed

There may be complications and delays in winding up the estate of late businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure as the will submitted this week is unsigned, with the Master’s Office at the High Court now calling a meeting of family members and other potential beneficiaries for next week to sort out the way forward and deal with administrative details such as the appointment of the executor.


The will would probably make it clear who would be sharing the revenue from the proposed trust as well as who would b...learn more

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