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HIV is no stigma! what kills you is the idea of people knowing – Moonchild Sanelly

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Musician Moonchild Sanelly has hit back at stigmas around HIV, suggesting that the fear of people knowing your status can be more dangerous than the condition.

Moonchild has always spoken openly about social issues, and responded to a social media report on Friday about the link between HIV and chronic neck pain.

Moonchild Sanelly

“HIV is no stigma!” she declared.

She said what kills is the idea that people will know about your status, when in fact you have complete control of the narrative.

“What kills you is the idea of people knowing, when it’s so in their control. One should be able to disclose status and live openly,” she said.
The Black Is King star took to Twitter earlier this year to ask if there was ever a time when people did not hide their HIV status.

“When HIV landed, was there ever a time people didn’t hide their status? Like how we are with corona? Or will it be taboo in time?! Or because it’s not sex therefore people speak openly?

“I’m curious because if we spoke about our HIV status more, people would not be suffering in silence! A big part of your killer is your mindset, or am I wrong?”

She called for people to normalise owning their status and change the narrative for those who are too scared to come out and get help.

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