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Women don’t like having morning s-e-x


It seems morning s-e-x is not as popular as it is projected to be. Although most romantic movies would show the lovers spending some intimate moments right after they wake up but it is far from the truth in reality. In fact, a study has come across some interesting findings about women who do not like to have morning s-e-x.

Mattress Advisor, an online portal of reviews related to mattresses and bedding articles, surveyed around 1,000 people and asked them how frequently they had morning s-e-x. Around 56 per cent participants who took part in this survey were women and 43 per cent were men

The participants were then divided into two groups based on their response. One group consisted of people who said they never have morning s-e-x and the other group had participants who enjoyed having morning s-e-x.
Around 63 per cent of women who took part in the survey admitted that they never had morning s-e-x. On the other hand, the number of male participants who never had morning sex was around 37 per cent.

The reason for not having morning s-e-x ranged from lack of time to energy. According to 50.7 per cent women participants, they don’t have morning s-e-x because they were ‘not in the mood’. While 35.6 per cent women cited lack of time as the reason, 32.9 per cent admitted they lacked the energy to have s-e-x in the morning.


The group of participants who said they have morning s-e-x, 51 per cent of men did it regularly while only 20 per cent of women agreed to do the same on a regular note.
Interestingly, all the participants who were in a happy and satisfied relationship had more morning s-e-x as compared to those who were in an unhappy relationship.

Source: IndiaTimes

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