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Mpandashalo – I have never been a fan of Iris Kaingu


I have never been a great fan of Iris Kaingu and I doubt she is the role model I want my daughter to look up to but seriously, how does it help a child in rural Zambia, in need of access to primary healthcare, spending the whole day debating her private life? To me, this is another example that we have a useless political system that is void of debates on economic development but focuses on the assassination of political characters of perceived political enemies as the only means of beating them. Iris Kaingu is not in politics to invite you into her private life but to help her Constituency.kaingu

They say, you cannot make your candle shine any brighter by blowing off that of your opponent but by buying more of your candles. Tell the people of Zambia why UPND is better than the Patriotic Front or just forget it again. The people of Zambia already know what the Patriotic Front is capable of and with this behaviour, they could be wondering whether it’s true the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.kaingu1

The UPND leadership must realise that pointing at the purported wrongs of the Patriotic Front is not enough to convince the people of Zambia to vote out a party that has transformed both rural and urban Zambia in terms of infrastructure development.
If you have noticed, the energy sector debates have vanished because load shedding has ended but surely a progressive party would still be debating how it would ensure power deficits are never ever experienced again. Alas, the UPND can only debate problems not solutions.kainguYou cannot change any system of government by fighting it but by coming up with an alternative development agenda that should render the existing one obsolete. That is how you provide visionary leadership as a government in waiting.

In Other News: Iris Kaingu issues an apology to her husband after sizzling pictures with her ex go viral

Iris Kaingu writes;

My career means a lot To me and that’s why I have worked so hard to build politics. I usually don’t say anything about things, but today… I innocently took pictures at my home like anybody else. Branko vukovic posted a picture with me in it for clout without my consentkaingu

apologize to very one especially my husband, my Lion, he doesn’t deserve this...learn more