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Comedian Mpho Popps Modikoane Gets In Trouble For Recording A Remake Of Katleho Maboe’s Viral Video


Comedian Mpho Popps Modikoane Gets In Trouble For Recording A Remake Of Katleho Maboe’s Viral Video

That was the message directed to comedian Mpho Popps Modikoane. Mpho made fun of Katleho Maboe’s situation. At the weekend, Katleho, who presents the Expresso morning show on SABC3 trended following the release of a video on social media that quickly went viral.

In the video, his wife accuses him of having an extramarital affair. The video shows Katleho wearing a gown and speaking to his angry wife.

The wife can’t be seen, only her voice can be heard. Katlego’s wife confronts him about his infidelity and forces a confession out of him.

The presenter admits to having an affair and names the woman he cheated with. Mpho did not waste time. He recorded a video and posted it online. He wore a gown similar to that one Katleho wore during the confrontation.

It is known that Mpho is currently working for an insurance company that is competing with the one Katleho works for. So in his caption, Mpho wrote: “If things had gone mi way, I wouldn’t have been caught OUT. hai I think it’s time, I need to #chencha my diet.”

However, in his video, Mpho doesn’t talk about relationship cheating. He talks about cheating his diet.

In the video, Mpho says: “I know I was supposed to go on a diet but it was crispy creamy and there were chips and stuff. I just had one. It was just one. If I tell you the truth, can I have another one? Ok, I had one crispy cream, ok its two… I just wanna see my fridge, that’s all I want. Will you open the fridge if I tell you what I ate? Ok, I ate your yoghurt and I had the donalt.”

People did not find this amusing considering everything Katleho is losing because of this scandal. It was reported that the Expresso morning show was suspending Katleho over the allegations. It was also reported that Outsurance was going to remove all ads featuring him. People felt for Katleho.

They had this to say:

“You can laugh at another man’s misery today, tomorrow it will be you,” Sya Miya said.

Lan said: “This is not funny. Making a joke out of a fellow man.”

Jabulani said: “Wow! We now make jokes about our fellow black people demise. It’s still far where we are going as black people.”

Mthiyane said: “This is not funny guys. The guy is losing everything and you are making jokes.”

Sbo said: “Shame on you Mpho.”

All efforts to reach Mpho for comment were fruitless.

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