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Mpika game scout accidentally shot himself while cleaning his AK47 rifle


A 31-year-old game scout under the National Parks Wildlife has accidentally shot himself sustaining gunshots as he was cleaning his AK47 rifle while preparing to on an operation in Mpika District. Enock Nshimbi survived the gunshot that hit his lower left arm as he was trying to clean the firearm that had one bullet in it.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Lizzy Machina who confirmed the incident said police are investigating the matter. “The victim was preparing to go on an operation hence he decided to clean his AK47 rifle, however, the officer did not observe normal safety precautions and did not realise that one bullet was still in the chamber,” she stated.

Ms. Machina said the officer inadvertently pulled the trigger, discharging the bullet which grazed the lower part of his upper arm causing injuries.

She said Police have since opened an Inquiry into the matter further adding that the victim is admitted to Chilonga Mission Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

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