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Mpika-Nakonde Road gets K1, 200, 000 for rehabilitation


Mpika-Nakonde Road gets K1, 200, 000 for rehabilitation. RDA has identified some sections of the road that are critical and need urgent attention and these are at Lukulu crossing between Mpika and Serenje, Vitondo crossing between Chinsali and Isoka and Kapilonga and Ilendela between Isoka and Nakonde Districts.

The Road Development Agency (RDA) Regional office in Muchinga Province has received some funds amounting to ZMW 1,200,000 for the spot improvement of some sections of the poor state of the Great North Road from Mpika to Nakonde.

The current works are being executed in collaboration with Zambia National Service.


Works have already commenced and equipment mobilised at Lukulu and Vitondo which are the worst affected sections. All these interventions are part of the short term measures being undertaken by the Agency.

Meanwhile, the long term intervention being executed along the Chinsali- Nakonde road include the moving on site of the two contractors to carry out a full rehabilitation.

The contractors are on site and mobilizing at Kapili 54km from Chinsali towards Isoka and Sansamwenje  50km  from Isoka towards Nakonde and mobilizing equipment on site in readiness to commerce the works after the rainy season.

Masuzyo Ndhlovu

RDA Director Communications & Corporate Affairs.

Source: Zambian Report