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MPs advised to debate Bill 10 sober

MPs advised to debate Bill 10 sober

Government Parliamentary Chief Whip Brian Mundubile has advised members of parliament to be objective and allow for sober debate on Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 which has been restored to the order paper.

Mr Mundubile, who is also Mporokoso MP and PF chairperson for legal affairs, said opposition lawmakers should clearly state their reservations in the bill as opposed to walk-outs.

“When a Bill transitions two sessions of the sitting it automatically lapses and it can only be reintroduced by way of moving a motion. So, Bill 10 is back and we expect parliamentarians to debate on the floor of the house, those walk-outs we have been seeing are not necessary.” said Mr Mundubile

Speaking to media in Kasama, Mr Mundubile noted that issues such as the mixed member proportion representation, delimitation and changing the Electoral system to do away with by-elections are some of aspirations of the general citizenry which Bill 10 will address once passed into law.MPs advised to debate Bill 10 sober

He added that the just ended Lukashya Parliamentary By-election serves as an eye opener to political players on the urgent need for the delimitation process and in turn enhance development in vast constituencies.

“The people of Zambia have said they are tired of by-elections and called for a change in the Electoral system so that we do away with by-elections. They have also said they want delimitation for consistencies such Lukashya. This is can only be done through constitutional amendment and what we want to achieve it through bill 10,” He said.

Mr Mundubile has since appealed to opposition members of parliament to stop politicizing the bill and debate with sobriety.

Yesterday, the National Assembly passed a motion to restore to the order paper eight Bills which were being considered in the previous session of the 12th National Assembly.

The eight bills include the Constitution of Zambia Amendment bill number 10 of 2019, National Planning and Budgeting Bill number 22 of 2019, National Forensic Bill and the Food number 1 of 2020 and the Food and Nutrition Bill number 2 of 2020, among other.

Source: Lusaka Times