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Ms.Nawakwi – HH has a track record of criminality

Edith Nawakwi AND hh

Ms.Nawakwi also said that the UPND leader should not be allowed to be anywhere near the corridors of power because he may turn the country into an armageddon.

“What type of leader steals the property of people after they are dead. His wealth was not obtained in a viable way and I have no doubt in my mind that HH dipped his fingers in the Lima back liquidation and he is not worth your time as a leader,” she said, before adding that the dwindling political fortunes of Mr. Hichilema has to do with himself and he will keep losing members.

“The country can’t be on fire because of HH and this matter of the Hatembo’s will only be resolved by the UPND themselves. UPND cannot substitute themselves from law and order,” she said

Ms.Nawakwi said her interest in the Hatembo’s is to ensure that justice prevails.

“I am not keeping the Hatembo children at my house but am providing material help, the children are dehydrated because they are missing their mother,” she said.

“The grabbing of their farm 1924 by Hichilema has left the Hatembo’s with nothing and they have no source of income. The interest in the Hatembo’s is that they are Zambians and am fighting for justice to prevail.,” Ms. Nawakwi said.

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