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Mukobeko Horror Murder Stories Emerge

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As the nation comes to terms with the reality of the wickedness and evil murders that transpired at Mukobeko, human faces are beginning to be put to the victims who are thus far unidentified.

The latest account is of a Kitwe based Truck driver, whose wife had a relative incarcerated at Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe.

On one day, his wife received a phone call from a person purporting to be a prison officer at Mukobeko. The man told her to come to Mukobeko to discuss a few things in relation to her relative who was at the prison.

What she didn’t know was that she was talking to a serial killer, also incarcerated at Mukobeko (the man in the photo).

She explained this to her husband who was preparing to drive his truck to Dar Es Salaam the next day. He offered to give his wife a lift to Kabwe on his way to Dar Es Salaam.

He dropped his wife off at Kabwe Mall along Great North Road, she then got a taxi to Mukobeko while he proceeded with his trip to Dar Es Salaam.

This was the last time he ever saw his wife, she’s been missing since then, phone off and no communication from her ever since.

It is believed she’s one of the 9 victims killed and buried at the prison farm by the two serial killers.

The question that remains unanswered is how these serial killers were able to obtain phone numbers of next of kin of their fellow incarcerated inmates, which phone numbers they used to lure their victims from different parts of the country to their deaths, some of the victims came from as far as Western Province.

Another question that needs to be answered is where did these killers get these cell phones they used to call their victims, and how did they obtain so much freedom to operate and kill with impunity within the prison fields, they clearly had no supervision by prison wardens.

All these questions must be answered by Dr Chileshe Chisela, the prison chief.
Under normal circumstances, he should have been fired with immediate effect.

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