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Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe has died

Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe of the Lenje people of Central Province has died.

Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people of Chisamba District confirmed the development during a media briefing in Kabwe this afternoon.

Chief Chamuka, who is also the coordinator of all the Lenje chiefs, said the Senior chief, George Mukuni, died at Kabwe Central Hospital in the early hours of today after an illness.

He said the late traditional leader, who was also the reigning Chief Chipepo of the Lenje people of Kapiri Mposhi District, died at the age of 77 and has been on the throne for 43 years.

He has described the late chief as a good leader, unifier, peace builder and visionary who always wanted to see development for his people.

Chief Chamuka has appealed to all the Lenje chiefs, village headpersons and all the Lenje people to remain calm and mourn the departed chief in a dignified manner.

Chief Chamuka has thanked government for the medical support during the chief’s illness.

During his reign, Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe presided over Chiefs Chitanda, Mungule, Chamuka, Liteta, Ngabwe, Mukubwe and Chipepo of the Lenje people of Central Province.


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