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Mumbwa man with Mental disability kills mother

A mentally ill 23-year-old guy from Mumbwa is accused of cold-bloodedly killing his 41-year-old mother.

It is thought that Padawa Kaunda’s mental illness showed as violence, which led him to kill Priscar Mubanga, his mother.

Padawa then sat with an axe in his hand next to the body of his mother.

The defendant is also suspected of beating his six-year-old sister into unconsciousness while allegedly killing his mother.

The body of the deceased has already been placed in the mortuary, according to Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe, while the young victim is being treated at a hospital.

“Brief facts of the matter were that the suspect was believed to be mentally disturbed and became violent when the mental disorder manifested. Unfortunately on the material day when he became hostile, some of the relatives of the victim ran away to call for help,”

“When help arrived, the suspect had already killed his mother and was found sitted next to the corpse with a metal pick axe next to him while his sister young female Froster Chimoba aged six was lying unconscious believed to have been beaten by the suspect,” he said.

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