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Mumbwa senior police officer in trouble for raping a 13 year-old school girl


A senior police officer at Mumbwa Police Station in Mumbwa district, Central province, has allegedly defiled a 13 year-old school girl.

The 59 year-old officer is believed to have defiled the Grade 6 pupil at his residence, on Wednesday last week, around 16 hours.

Both Mumbwa District Commissioner, Pamela Chipongwe and Senior Chief Shakumbila have confirmed the incident to ZANIS in separate interviews.

Ms Chipongwe said the officer is alleged to have given the girl a school bag, so as NOT to disclose the incident.

And Senior Chief Shakumbila is disappointed with the incident, saying the act has been committed by a person, who is supposed to be the custodian of the law.

Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment from Central Province Police Commissioner, Chola Katanga, proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.


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