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Amanda Black furious at how women are treated in the music industry

Amanda Black

As Mzansi continues to celebrate Women’s Month, Amanda Black has weighed in on some of the struggles of women in the industry. Amanda has always been an advocate for gender equality and told Okay Africa recently that a month was not enough to address and highlight the issues women face in South Africa.


“I think what’s also part of the problem and hypocritical of us to do is to simply wait for August to celebrate women while also not actually implementing changes in terms of gender-based violence and stuff that South African women are going through.


We just make it so pretty, everything is pink. She went on to provide an example of how things were often dressed up as helping women but were actually not assisting at all.


“In my space, there are so many shows that are named after women, but the money doesn’t even go to women or women initiatives,” Amanda claimed. She suggested that more should be done to address gender inequality, empower women and open up dialogue about issues affecting women.

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Amanda has often used her platform to speak about women’s issues, from period pains to toxic relationships. In February she released a song called Thandwa Ndim about the pain of staying in a toxic relationship. Speaking about the song on social media, Amanda said she hoped the song would give women inner strength to fight whatever battle they faced.

“Thandwa Ndim is dedicated to the women that are there and those that have survived. It’s about self-love. Find strength, sis. Only you can save yourself. Dig deep. You are worthy. You are worth it. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are beautiful!” she wrote.

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