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Update: DEC interrogates Mutale Mwanza

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MEDIA personality Mutale Mwanza was today subjected to a two-hour long interrogation for suspected money laundering at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) headquarters in Lusaka.

An elegantly dressed Ms Mwanza in the company of her lawyers could however not state the details of the interrogation by the Anti-Money laundering unit as the matter was on-going.

The young entrepreneur however wondered why it was seemingly normal for men to aspire for greatness as well as be filthy rich while the same should not apply to women.
“ Life should not be like this, the pull him down syndrome is retrogressive to the nation . I work hard, that’s what people should know…it doesn’t stop me from reaching greater heights. This is what we should be teaching the girl child not ubu ubuloshi (witchcraft),” she said.

Ms Mwanza co-hosts Tuvwange on DSTV’s Zambezi Magic.

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