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Mutale Mwanza gushes over her ex-husband

“I got married when I was 20”, she reveals.
She wrote: This is My Ex Husband, Mwape’s Dad. ( please don’t mind my tired face, I had a long day )

So anyway… KM2 and I got married when I was 20 years old, in the same year 2007 – I gave birth to Mwape who’s now aged 14 years old. I guess now you all know why he’s so huge, Ati Amenshi yakonka umufolo, fast forward to 2021 , KM2 is happily married, his wife is a good friend of mine. We enjoy co- parenting & we will ALWAYS be friends no matter what.

Thankyou for being a great Dad Kennedy. We had our share of drama, highs and lows but family always comes first. Our son’s happiness comes first and We will always be a FAMILY no matter what.

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