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Mutale Mwanza hits rock-bottom: Photos

Media Personality Mutale Mwanza has hit rock bottom. The was last week fired fron HOT FM after going after politician Margaret Mwanakatwe. Mutale posted a post on her social media account demining Mrs.  Mwanakatwe’s capabitities.mutale

The following day Mutale received her marching orders from HOT FM. The atar has since apologized for her actions but from her recent post, it seems life without a job is proving to be a nightmare

From the look of things Mutale has now opened a flee market where she is selling suits.mutale

She tok to social media to market her business and captioned the post “Sometimes you DO what you have to do just to put food on the table. Trying something new.”

In Other News: ‘He asked for it’, claims woman caught having s_ex with a 13-year-old boy – Photos

A Greendale woman was on Tuesday arrested after she was caught having s.e.x with a 13-year-old boy at the latter’s parents’ home in Houghton Park.Kid-Rapper

The unidentified woman was quick to defend herself to arresting police officers by showing them c0nd0ms, saying they had...learn more

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