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Mutale Mwanza on why Chellah Tukuta is not in her top 5 photographers i

Mutale Mwanza wrote…

Oh yes ! I used to pay him to take pictures of me because he was an amateur who needed exposure and I believed in him ( at the time ) so I supported him. That’s not a secret! 😂😂😂
However, I stopped paying for Stone Age loooking images because he has never improved, he’s a bully and has no etiquette!

This is in 2018. Dusty ass images then ! Dusty ass images even in 2022. This is a comment I have left on his page just incase you miss it. I am the one who introduced him to major super stars Annie Idinia & Ini Edo because I was working with them at Latittude, but he’s been on social media for years acting Connected!

Fyabufi !😂😂😂 Elo he used to literally beg for my attention and numbers & I gave him a chance. So why should he look down on others when people like me GAVE him chance to become who he is ? Who is he to belittle Buga when he was just a nobody begging for opportunities?

Anyway because I am not a coward, i have left this comment on his page : I am posting it here too because i don’t want you to miss it !

Here is the comment :
“ Thankyou for posting this. I am happy you celebrate me for making you relevant and uplifting your career.

I remember this was 2018 when you were just an amateur and I invited you to Latittude to photograph Annie Idibia and Ini Edo from Nigeria because I was working with them. ( something you have never credited me for because you were trying to behave connected pa social media and I allowed it )

Do you remember how I introduced you to them because I believed in your photography and we all posed for pictures for you ? Remember how desperate you wanted me to promote your tshirt brand and you delivered the merch which I happily wore because I believed in you ( at the time )?

I gave your career LIFE and I Am happy that you are Thankful. Unfortunately, I stopped paying you to photograph me because your images are dusty and you bullied me on social media to gain fame.

You bit the Hand that fed you and I dropped you. You haven’t improved not one bit!
It’s a pity that after introducing you to greatness in 2018, you’re not on the list of Top 5 Photographers in Zambia. “

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