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Mutale Mwanza shows off her new crib as she celebrates Jay Rox building his own house too

Mutale Mwanza

I am happy and excited for my dear friend & Boss at times Jay Rox on his Crib !!! He’s such a hard worker and he deserves everything and more !!!

This guy puts in the hours I swear !!,HOWEVER, I have an ask … I have seen almost everyone saying “ congratulations “ to him on his post including myself, which is NOT a bad thing let me be clear !! BUT I have an ASK !!How come no one is asking him how he bought the house ? Who he’s sleeping with ?Jay Rox

How he acquired his wealth ? Who is responsible for his success? Has he been called for investigations over this property ? How come ? So … you mean the shade, hate , probing and stupidity only applies to women te ? So In Zàmbìâ a woman can’t do the same and go Scott free te ?

The day any female celebrity in Zàmbìâ posts her property, I expect the same courtesy to be extended to her! I want to see more congratulations than hate !!! More encouragement than questions that will make her feel lesser than !!

Mwaumfwa mwe fima hypocrites fyamu chalo chesu ? Obviously namufwa…
Napela mukwai.. Once again Congrats.

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