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Mutale Mwanza’s revealing photos in bed cause a stir

Media personality Mutale Mwanza has set tounges wrangling again after posting saucy snaps on her social media pages. The star is no stranger to the controversy it seems as if she does not bother anymore. Mutale Mwanza1

Mutale is a single mother to a teenage son from her previous relationship. This however not stop her from sharing revealing photos.Mutale Mwanza

Many in the entertainment industry have often called her  out for her behavior, These include Iris Kaingu who clearly stated she does not get along with her because of her attitude.

In Other News: Mtendere muzungu bus conductor attracts business

A 33-year-old Zambian of European origin living in Lusaka’s Mtendere compound has gotten a job as a bus conductor to fend for his family.Mtendere muzungu bus conductor attracts business

Leslie Gilmore last week challenged his friend, a bus driver, to employ him as a bus conductor, a job he is handling well to the satisfaction of his bus driver, Lukando Mulowa, who said that commuters are attracted to board his bus, which is...learn more

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