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Mutati: Soon, Zambia will launch a satellite

In order to provide digital services to the country’s outlying regions, Zambia plans to launch its satellite within the next two years.

FELIX MUTATI, the minister of technology and science, reports that the government has established a 20-person technical steering committee to create a roadmap for the execution of the launch of the space satellite.

During the third African preparation meeting for the world radio conference in 2023, the minister made this statement.

Additionally, CHUSHI KASANDA, the minister of information and media, asserted that by cooperating, Africa may develop solutions to reduce the new risks and difficulties brought on by ICTs.

According to Ms. KASANDA, in order to prevent interference in frequencies, the meeting should also plan for the required spectrum resources and ease the introduction of new technologies.

Additionally, MARIO MANIEWICZ, director of the International Telecommunications Union’s Radio Communication Bureau, stated that the organization is prepared to assist developing nations in setting up and expanding their own telecommunications systems.

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