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Mweetwa – Nawakwi is becoming a nuisance

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United Party for National Development (UPND) National Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has charged that Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi is becoming a nuisance and needs to be tamed before she sets this country on fire with for what he described as her insatiable hatred for the party’s President Hakainde Hichilema,”

Reacting to the pressing briefing held by Ms Nawakwi, Mr Mweetwa said that the FDD leader’s quest for political relevance has made her become insane and called on Zambians not to take her seriously.

“All I know is that Nawakwi is making noise. She has abandoned her cause which gave her political relevance. After she lost her funding, she became disgruntled. I think the people of Zambia should stop listening to Nawakwi. I suspect that in the night, she wakes up and says, “HH where are you?” stressed Mweetwa.

Addressing the media briefing in Choma yesterday Mr Mweetwa has advised the Hatembo family to report Nawakwi to the police for abduction.

“How many lies does she want to peddle against HH. I think the people of Zambia should stop listening to her. What does it take for her to realize that the nation has lost interest in all her utterances? As a leader, she has a public responsibility to conduct public affairs in a manner that does not mislead the citizens because of personal gain,” he advised.

Yesterday Ms Nawakwi warned that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema risks being arrested on the day he will be filling in his nominations should he keep avoiding facing the law in the case he is alleged to have abducted the Hatembos, a family at the centre of the Kalomo farm he is alleged to have fraudulently acquired.

Ms Nawakwi said that Mr Hichilema was lying to himself by thinking the case involving the abduction of the Hatembos and other cases he is involved in will die a natural death.

Ms Nawakwi who has alleged that Mr Hichilema has been running away from the country from the time she reported him to the police said the UPND leader is avoiding facing the law by abducting the Hatembos.

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