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Mwinilunga illegal gold dealers warned

With the ruling Party Provincial Chairman in North-Western and the Provincial Police Chief being transferred to Lusaka headquarters over alleged gold dealings in Mwinilunga, North Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu has directed Police to arrest all those engaged in the buying and selling of Gold in Kasenseli.

Mubukwanu who has visited the gold site said all activities have to be halted to ensure sanity in the management of the mineral resources. He said President Edgar Lungu has already issued a directive to arrest any persons found trading in gold.

Mubukwanu expressed disappointment and said the sale of gold by illegal dealers has to be stopped immediately.

Last week,President Edgar Lungu removed Hudson Namachila as North Western Province Police Commissioner for failure to provide security in illegal gold mining.

Later, the ruling party Patriotic Front also suspended its North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo for alleged involved in gold mining activities.

In other news – Human Rights Commission repeats to condemn Bowman Formula

Human Rights Commission has reiterated its stance, condemning Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on the move to beat up citizens abrogating the Presidential directive on Covid-19 measures.

Mwelwa Muleya

Commission Spokesperson, Mwelwa Muleya says the Minister must find an amicable way of enforcing the banning of public gatherings rather than beating. He was speaking when he feathered on Muvi TV’s Breakfast With the Boys Show, Saturday, 25th April 2020. continue reading

Source: Zambia Reports

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