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Mzansi celebs who got involved in shocking Car accidents

Car crashes, for those who have experienced them, can be extremely traumatic. When the year started, Moozlie shocked the nation with her ‘freak accident’ that turned out to be an awareness campaign.

Another scandal involves actress Nokuthula Mabika who knocked a grade 11 pupil and took him, tot, he hospital. She later allegedly fled from the clinic after giving the pupil R150.Mlindo The Vocalist

Take a look at some of the most horrific car crashes experienced by our Mzansi celebrities.


Revealing that herself and her siblings had a horrific experience that landed them in ICU, Thickleeyonce was terrified and had posted a lengthy-captioned picture of herself in a hospital bed. Letting fans in on her journey to recovery, she spoke openly about her experience and shared a video where she miraculously started walking soon after being discharged from ICU.


Hlengiwe Mhlaba

The gospel star had a traumatic experience when she was headed for a gig and the unthinkable happened – a car drove straight into hers. It was alleged that the weather was not in her favor and if it was not for the safety belt, according to her spokesperson, it would’ve been a different turn of events.

The musician’s horrific crash was not the first for her and she had also spoken out about how she had to deal with a near-suicide attempt in her youth.

Sizwe Dhlomo

The driver who hit Sizwe apparently lost control of his bakkie. Although not injured physically, his car took a knock including several others. The accident happened at Witkoppen and Cedar Road traffic lights in Johannesburg. Assuring his fans that he is fine, he asked them tonpray for the other two people who got injured and the man driving as he had no insurance.

Mlindo The Vocalist

The accident occurred in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and the AmaBlesser hitmaker and his team were not badly injured and were therefore discharged from hospital.

Mlindo the Vocalist

Palesa Madisakwane

Palesa Madisakwane and her 9-year-old daughter survived a horrific car crash caused by a drunk driver earlier this year.

The crash happened on their way home back from a wedding: “After getting the right of way making a right turn on the robots, I noticed a speeding car swaying into my lane coming towards me. At this point, I can’t really see because the lights of the car were blinding me.”

Palesa thanks the drivers who stopped to help and said if it was not for them, her kids would’ve been motherless and her sister would have lost her too.

Palesa Madisakwane
Palesa Madisakwane Accident

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Sizwe Dhlomo

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