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Nairobi superhero shows up again #riversideattack

Inayat Kassam

Nairobi superhero shows up again to join fight against Riverside attackers. Meet Inayat Kassam, the man who saved lives during the Westgate attack in 2013 and on Tuesday stepped up again to be among the first responders.

His face has been splashed on local and international papers as he gallantly rescued and directed survivors of the Tuesday’s attack at 14 Riverside complex.

Kenyans across the country have been paying glowing tribute to Mr Kassam, calling him a hero for his selfless sacrifice to rescue victims trapped in Dusit D2 Hotel.

 Inayat Kassam

On 21st September 2013, after four masked gunmen attacked Westgate shopping mall and killed at least 67 people, he was among the first people who rushed to the scene of the attack.

Mr Kassam is not a police officer. He is a licensed firearm holder and a security instructor who trains people on how to use weapons at a shooting range.

Source: Zambian Report