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Nakonde woman dumps hubby after 11 months of marriage over small pen!s

“The couple has been in marriage for 11 months only

A 25 year old nurse of Nakonde who recently got married to a Clearing Agent has left her 11 months old marriage after her hubby failed to make her pregnant and satisfy her in bed due to his strange manhood which very small and short like that of a 6 year old boy. Abigirl Nakamba Sinkala who is still awaiting government deployment, took her husband Moris Sinkala to court last week alleging that in the 11 months they have been together, he has only managed to lay with her 5 times due to lack of s_exxual power.

Ms Nakamba also accused her hubby of annoying her more when he hired his best friend (a teacher by profession) to sleep with her so that the newly married couple could have a child of which she refused. She explained that Mr Sinkala has a small manhood (size of her last small finger) which ejects on its own less than a minute of s_exxual intercoursee.

When asked by the court if what his wife was saying is true, the visibly disturbed Sinkala admitted but accused the relatives of the other girl he wanted to marry at first of being responsible for his predicament. “Yes your honour, I have been failing to sleep with my wife due to my small manhood. It became small and short the day after our wedding. My first fiance’s relatives bewitched me”, he said as he struggled to control his tears in court. Asked why he told his wife to sleep with his best-friend in order for her to fell pregnant, Mr Sinkala said he did that for he wanted his wife to be happy because apart from not making her pregnant, he was also failing to satisfy her in bed since April 2020 due to manhood problems.

The court allowed the couple to divorce and the woman left for Kitwe. She refused to carry anything he bought her including a vehicle, laptop and two phones. She even surrendered the papers for the house he had bought for her mother. She is now in Kitwe with her elder brother. She has a degree in nursing but not yet deployed.

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