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National Health Insurance not be treated as a form of tax – Kapesa



James Kapesa

The National Health Insurance Management Authority says payments for the National Health Insurance should not be treated as a form of tax. Authority Chief Executive Officer James Kapesa said members of the public should not mistake the National Health Insurance payments to that of other taxes such as Toll fees. Mr Kapesa said National Health Insurance is a benefit insurance scheme where contributors will be receiving benefits in the form of medical cover.

He was speaking on Tuesday when he featured on a live Frank On Hot radio programme on Hot FM hosted by veteran broadcaster Frank Mutubila. I don’t think that people should equate the National Health Insurance to other forms of taxes such as Toll Fees. I have heard people saying that government has introduced another tax. That is not entirely true. This is a benefit scheme because those contributing will be allowed to access services,” Mr Kapesa said.
And Mr Kapesa has disclosed that all workers in the public sector will from July 1st 2019 start making contributions to the National Health Insurance Fund and will start accessing health care in November 2019.

He said the Authority will require a window period of about three months in order to grow the liquid and accumulate savings before the public could start accessing health care.
Mr Kapesa revealed that there will be a list of accredited public health institutions which will be equipped with necessary machinery and drugs to provide equitable health care for all.

He also disclosed that employers opting to maintain private medical health schemes will be mandated to also service the National Health Insurance Scheme.

He also stated that the Authority will engage with other stakeholders such as the labour movement that are opposed to the National Health Insurance scheme.
Mr Kapesa disclosed that contributors to the scheme will be able to access basic health care together with four of their family members.

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