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Nawakwi is being used to expose HH’s real character to open up the eyes of Zambians-Mumbi Phiri

Edith Nawakwi

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary-General Hon Mumbi Phiri has said that God is using former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi to expose UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s real character to open up the eyes of Zambians ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Speaking on Kasama Radio on Tuesday evening, Mrs. Phiri described Ms. Nawakwi as a blessing to Zambia.

She said Mr. Hichilema is a wrong man to aspire for Presidency because of the manner he allegedly mishandled the transaction role that was placed on him by the Government during the sale of Sun International Hotel in Livingstone and other national assets like RAMCOZ in Luanshya.

Mrs. Phiri said the UPND leader, who turned out to be one of the shareholders of Sun Hotel after the conclusion of the sale, should have declared interest in the matter in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance as opposed to what he did.

“Ms Nawakwi is being used by God to expose Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. God loves this country,” said Mrs. Phiri.Hakainde Hichilema says PF borrows too much and gives examples of the incidents

She challenged Mr. Hichilema to give a comprehensive explanation to the Zambians the role he played during the sale of RAMCOZ and why he never declared interest during the sale of Sun Hotel instead of rushing to court to sue Ms. Nawakwi for defamation of character before clearing his name over the Issues at hand which begs honest answers.

Mrs. Phiri said there is nothing political for Zambians to demand answers from Mr. Hichilema, who is aspiring to lead Zambia, on matters of national interest.

She wondered why Mr. Hichilema has remained mute over people’s calls on him to explain why he never disclosed to Government that he was an interested party in Sun Hotel which he and his business partners bought cheaply.

Mrs Phiri said Zambians deserve to know the truth about all the issues surrounding Mr. Hichilema’s source of his massive wealth and his dealings during privatization.

She said Zambians deserve honest answers from all those aspiring for Presidency ahead of next year’s general elections.

The PF Deputy Secretary General wondered shy the UPND leader always gets emotional whenever he is asked about the source of his wealth by the media.

Mrs. Phiri cautioned the people of Lukashya and Zambians, in general, to be wary of such leaders who always get angry when asked to account for their wealth as well as the role they played during privatization.

“Vote for Mr. George Chisanga for continued Development,” she said.

Mrs. Phiri is also disappointed that Mr. Hichilema has failed to tame his supporters who have gone on a rampage insulting Ms. Nawakwi and calling her Jezebel for merely expressing her disappointment with the manner Mr. Hichilema handled his role as transaction advisor to Government.

“UPND supporters are insulting a well-respected woman (Ms. Nawakwi) and their leader is quiet. Hakainde has no respect for women. The issue of privatization will not die.”

Mrs. Phiri has since urged Mr. Hichilema to brace himself for another defeat in next year’s elections and that those planning to set Zambia on fire when he loses will not succeed because Zambians are peaceful.