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Nawakwi tells HH to bring it on



Edith Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has declared that she will not apologize to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for calling him “a criminal who personally benefited from the privatization programme.”

Mrs Nawakwi said she is ready to commit contempt of court on the matter should Mr Hichilema decide to sue her for defamation.

Ms Nawakwi, who was Finance Minister in the MMD government at the time of privatization of Zambia’s national assets, has insisted that no one is going to shut her up for demanding that Mr. Hichilema explains his wealth, which she alleges was due to his failure to declare interest during the privatization process, which saw him benefiting personally when he was engaged to serve the interests of government.

She said in an interview with Hot FM that no one was going to shut her up for calling Mr Hichilema a criminal.Hakainde Hichilema says PF borrows too much and gives examples of the incidents

“I don’t apologize to criminals, whether he is alleged or in fact under investigation. It will never happen now or in future,” Ms Nawakwi said in response to demands by Mr Hichilema, through his lawyer Mulambo Haimbe, that she retracts and apologizes for calling his client a criminal.

The lawyer further made demands of $3 million from Ms Nawakwi for damage done Mr Hichilema’s reputation and legal costs incurred so far.

However, Ms Nawakwi has said she is prepared to commit contempt of court as she will not yield to any of the demands made.

“It will never happen now or in future. I am really excited that one Hakainde Hichilema wants us to unmask the myth of his so-called wealth. What he is doing is an attempt to create a High Court file and then once we try to comment, they say sub judice and contempt of court. I want him to know that we are prepared to commit contempt of court. No one is going to shut me up,” Ms Nawakwi vowed.

Source: Lusaka Times



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