NDC appoints George Sichula as party President

The National Democratic Conference (NDC) has made changes to the National Governing council to make the party more active and vibrant.

Party acting national spokesperson Emmanuel Malite told journalists at a media briefing held at the party Secretariat in woodlands Lusaka that the changes are designed at making the party active.

He said the party decision to make changes was arrived at the National Governing Council held this morning to replace Mwenya Musenga who was acting after Joseph’s Rikki Akafumba was appointed to the civil service as PS Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Malite said the NDC under the new administration on the interim basis is not only happy with the performance of the new dawn administration but also committed to supporting the government.

He said the party will continue to support the alliance until the national executive committee decide otherwise.

“Among the changes made on the interim basis are: President George Sichula, Vice president administration James Wamunyima, Vice president political Joseph Chishala, National party Spokesperson Emmanuel Malite, NDC Secretary General Dr. Paul Mbulo, Media director Kirby Kaoma Musonda,” said Malite.

“The rest of the position remain the same since no position has changed from the initial.”

And Sichula said his task is to harmonise the party after the crisis when Chishimba Kambwili left the party to join the opposition PF.

He said the NDC is in government by virtue of being in alliance with the UPND.

He said the NDC expect to benefit from the alliance government as they have been in the Alliance from inception.

Sichula said the UPND Alliance government has allocated monies in constituencies under the CDF which all the people including the NDC will benefit from as these monies are meant for the community by using cooperatives and companies.

He said there are many ways in which the party can benefit from the government.

He said the job of the alliance partners is to support the position of the government.

He explained that the construction of the new team will make the party now active.

He said during the campaign in Kabwata by election, the party was silent not because it had no intention to support the new dawn administration.

He said the NDC will continue to support the alliance government and the prudent way of governance.

He advised other alliance partners to continue supporting the alliance government for the purpose of staying long in government.

He further directed the all the provincial activities to continue to supporting the government and not to attack them.

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