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NDC: Christ Baptised us with holy water, PF has baptised us by fire – Video

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NDC: Christ Baptised us with holy water, PF has baptised us by fire – Video 

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party this morning held a press briefing at the NDC President Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s residence in Woodlands. The meeting was attended by the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakahinde Hichilema who was accompanied by Sylvia Masebo. The meeting was chaired by NDC Vice President Rikki Josephs Akafumba.

Others who attended the meeting was Bridget Attanga NDC Secretary-General and her Deputy, Fr Charles Luonde NDC National Chairperson, Edward Mumbi Dr Kambwili’ spokesperson, Lombani Msichili NDC Chairperson Incharge of finance, Roan member of parliament Honourable Joseph Chishala, Christopher Mutale NDC Chairperson Incharge of mobilisation, Charles Kabwita NDC National Youth Chairperson, Saboi Imboela NDC Party Spokesperson among others

NDC National Chairperson Fr Luonde opened the meeting with a prayer and explained that the Briefing was called to discuss the sentencing of NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili by principal magistrate David Simusamba.

Upon taking the floor NDC Vice President Akafumba said, A true friend is identified when one is in trouble.

The UPND has proved that by abandoning all their activities to attending a briefing, this was a sign of true friendship.

Akafumba said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) described the trial its leader Dr. Chishimba Kambwili as a discourage of justice. and he further told the media houses present that the judgement Magistrate Simusamba David delivered against Kambwili was the fastest in the history he spent as a magistrate.

He said despite being a convict, Kambwili will remain the president of the NDC. He said from the judgement Simusamba categorically said the complaint by Chilufya Tayali made was first reported to Amos Chanda who was at the time special assistance to President Edgar Lungu.

By implication, the prosecution of Kambwili was the PF project that has everything to win from the arrest of Kambwili. He said the whole episode from the report of the case to the arrest, charge and conviction of Kambwili was and is a PF project.

The NDC Veep said the PF tried hard to take Kambwili to where he is now but will not weaken his spirit.

Akafumba disclosed that the lawyers applied for bail but the magistrate refused to entertain the application. Instead, the magistrate put 20th October as the date when the bail application pending the outcome of the appeal.

The NDC Vice President regretted that the PF has taken many people to court but only members of the ruling PF get acquitted and some get nolle prosequi. He said the NDC will fight for Kambwili and this time around, the opposition will put more volume for the government to hear the demand loudly.

He said the party will mobilise the people countrywide to fight for the freedom of the Kambwili.

Akafumba mocked the PF for celebrating that the conviction is the end of Kambwili’s political career. He pointed out the exclusion from the taking part in political activities can only apply when one is serving a sentence which unfortunately this does not apply to Kambwili.

He also disclosed that the NDC is aware of the PF schemes, which it was doing to unsettled the NDC and UPND alliance.

He said the conviction of kambwili has strengthened the alliance stronger than before.

He further said the conviction of kambwili can be compared to the alliance being baptized by fire by the PF to which Jesus Christ normally baptised people with the Holy Spirit.

He said the PF tried to break Hichilema by keeping him in prison where he spent 127 days and failed. He said the PF also tried to get at Hichilema using the gassing issue but failed to yield any meaningful results.

Akafumba has since appealed to the NDC structures country wide to change gear and organize the party and not to listen to the PF. And speaking at the same briefing Hichilema consoled the NDC family and urged them not to break.

Hichilema said many Zambians are hurting by the unjustified arrest and conviction of Kambwili. He accused the government of taking away the rights of the people who are supposed to be enjoyed.

He said the situation of Kambwili does not merit to be called a crime to be in prison.

He said the arrest of Kambwili is as a result of a failed brutal regime bent on taking away the rights of the people. Hichilema further said the PF regime is taking away even what they promised to the people during the election campaign.

He said the government is creating a situation which will lead the people to react and cause anarchy. He observed that only a small group of the people in the ruling PF that want to hold on to the power is behind the anarchy which the people are experiencing.

He asked the people not only to be strong but also get united as the alliance is working on the modalities to free them from the yokes of slavery.

He said it is toughest before down and urged the people to remove the fear which is the reason why they are still suffering. He said what is happening to Kambwili is because the people are scared to claim their rights.

Hichilema said every time the people work together against evil, the people succeeded. This time around would not be an exception. When there is a divide between the good and bad, the bad loses. Kambwili belongs to the good where the Victors belong.

The PF will start approaching the youths from NDC to defect. Hichilema has since advised them not to accept because where they are now is where there is life, and asked the youths to be strong and stay firm.

The UPND leader explained his experience While in prison, and said, one day is like one month. But each day is a day closer to coming out of the prison.

Watch the video below…

Hichilema has since asked the people to be strong.

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