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NDC leader Saboi Imboela s.e.xually harassed by top UPND officials

Saboi Imboela

National Democratic Congress (NDC) faction leader Saboi Imboela says she ditched UPND because of s.e.xual harassment.

Reacting on Dynamic Analysis Zambia to allegations that she left UPND because the party did not adopt her in Kafue’s 2016 parliamentary adoptions, Ms. Imboela rubbished the allegations saying she left UPND because of s.e.xual harassment and tribalism.

Ms. Imboela said she is ready to share her experience of why she left UPND, affirming that she is not even regretting it as she is now a leader of a political party.

” Some people are so dull, so she thinks because UPND won we shud regret leaving it? I’m the president of my party meaning my political path is more than what it would have been in UPND. Some of us were making money even in the so-called bad PF economy because we don’t depend on govt to thrive, so even in their anticipated great and prosperous UPND economy, we shall make our money.” Ms. Imboela said

Meanwhile, Ms. Imboela revealed she was trying to get a sexual harassment policy that would be adopted in all political parties.

“Yes I was and I have shared this publicly before. And by the way, sexual harassment is very rife in political parties and doesn’t just happen in UPND. No wonder I have now spent a good part of my political career trying to get a s.e.xual harassment policy that will be adopted in all political parties we are currently working with on the same… So to u all sexual harassment cases are reported to the police??? I made my internal report and that was enough at the time.” Ms. Imboela said.

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