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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

NDC Media Director To Report Kambwili To DEC For Keeping Over $200 000 In His House

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NDC Media Director Emmanuel Malite will tomorrow morning the 1st March 2021 lodge a complaint against Dr Chishimba Kambwili to Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) over his decision to keep cash in his house amounting to over $200, 000.

Malite said that Dr Kambwili is using the same money he is illegally keeping in his house to terrorize opponents.

He said the purpose of reporting Dr Kambwili to the DEC is to enable the enforcement agents establish the money in question is not the proceed of crime.

He said Dr Kambwili has in the recent past been claiming that his business has been squeezed by the government and was poor because he was a member of the opposition.

If what Kambwili has been saying it true, then, Malite observed, the $200 000 Kambwili has been keeping in the house is the proceeds of crime.

It is therefore proper that the agency carry out the investigation and rule out the possibility of Kambwili not using money reasonably suspected to be the proceeds of crime.

Emmanuel Malite said Kambwili is family but he decided to put the nation first.

He said Kambwili has been keeping over 200000 dollars which was kept in house.

Malite further said, He does not like the way Kambwili is denouncing the only MP.

Kambwili commanded the only MP to remain in parliament.

He advised Kambwili to stop forcing the only MP to avoid working for the people.

Malite has since warned the NDC youths to desist from from being used by Kambwili.

He said the people that were once squeezed are now swimming in money by the people.

These people have been bribed.

Malite has advised Saboi Imboela to stop the politics of insulting.

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