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NDC threatens to be violent towards PF attackers


District chairman Steven Chewe said the behaviour of PF cadres was unbecoming and warned that NDC will not sit idle and watch them continue attacking their leaders.

He said the NDC has been very peaceful but the trend of them being attacked whenever they had a meeting was becoming unbearable and will not be allowed to continue.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) party in Kitwe has warned the Patriotic Front not to take them for granted because they can also retaliate.


“We are a very peaceful party, but what the PF is doing is not good. It’s like every time we have an event they will come to attack us. I think we will not allow this we may be forced to retaliate if this continues,” Chewe said.

Chewe was commenting on the attacks by suspected PF cadres on NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and spokesperson Eric Chanda.

“I think we would like to urge the National youth chairman Honourable Steven Kampyongo to tame these PF cadres and condemn their barbaric acts. If not, we will conclude that they are in support of such behaviours,” he said.Chewe said police should bring to book all individuals that attacked the NDC leaders at 5fm in Lusaka.

“If you check the place where that incident happened, it is just near the police headquarters, so we expect them to do a professional job on this matter,” said Chewe.