Home Politics NDC urges youths to turn up for anti-ECZ demos

NDC urges youths to turn up for anti-ECZ demos

NDC urges youths to turn up for anti-ECZ demos

The National Democratic Congress is urging all the youths to turn up in great numbers to demonstrate against the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

NDC National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita announced that further to the successful notification for demonstrations made to the police by NDC and UPND, he is directing the youths in all provinces to turn out in great numbers to demonstrate against ECZ Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu, ECZ Commissioner Mrs. Emily Sikazwe and ECZ Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano.

“Note that we will also be protesting against bad governance and selective allocation of the law, among other issues. All this has resulted into the opposition like the NDC failing to mobilise as much as it would like to. We have met all the requirements of the Public Order Act hence our expectations of the police are that they do not interfere with the demonstrations. The police should be there to police the demonstrations and not be a source of confusion or violence against peaceful demonstrators,” Mr Kabwita said.NDC urges youths to turn up for anti-ECZ demos

He vowed that the youths are not going to take no for an answer for this undertaking and that they expect the rule of law to prevail.

“The directive from my office, therefore, is that all the youths should go to their particular routes on the 7th of October and demonstrate against these injustices and obliteration of the rule of law in the country. We also encourage our youths in Lusaka from both the NDC and UPND, as well as from other parties and those that are not aligned to any political party, but they are aggrieved with what is happening in the country, to show up for the protest,” he said.

“The police have, of late, granted a number of rallies to the PF, the recent one being in Chingola. So we shall not take no for an answer, we shall go ahead with or without the police and our notification to go ahead was already successfully given to the police last week.”

Source: Lusaka Times