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Ndola man defiles and kills his 3-day-old baby

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The court in Ndola has heard how a 34 year old man of Mansa allegedly defiled and murdered his three-day-old baby. This is in a case in which Christopher Kasakula is charged with murder and defilement but he has denied the charge.

The court heard that the baby, Queen Kasakula, was bleeding from the vagina, umbilical cord, mouth and nose after she was defiled. Mother of the deceased Brenda Kasakula, 29, narrated that on the material day, three days after delivering, she went to bath, leaving her baby girl sleeping in the same house with Kasakula.

While bathing, she heard her baby scream which prompted her to rush to the room and asked the father what transpired. She said she further asked why the baby was bleeding from vagina and umbilical cord after she checked her.

Kasakula expressed ignorance, stormed out of the room and ran away before the mother alerted her family members.

The baby was then rushed to Lukolongo clinic, 25 kilometres from the village where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. And when the matter came up for defence before Ndola High Court Judge Mary Mulanda who is currently sitting in Mansa, Kasakula who introduced himself as Christopher Sunday Chipulu, aka Kasakula Edmond, denied defiling the child.

“On the material day, my wife called and said the baby had died and that I was responsible for her death. I told her I didn’t know if the child had died or the cause of death. That’s how we started arguing and I told her I was going to invite my parents because of the allegation,” he said. He said his wife’s relative took him to the village palace, thereafter police officers apprehended him.

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