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New WhatsApp security feature could block screenshots


A proposed new security feature on WhatsApp could prevent users from taking screenshots of conversations
According to WAbetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently developing a new authentication process which will require users to scan their fingerprints before being able to open a WhatsApp conversation. The update will also prevent users from taking screenshots – even if they have logged in and authenticated themselves.

The updates are still in development and have not yet been rolled out, and there has been no comment from the developers yet as to why they would prevent users from taking screenshots.

WhatsApp New Features

Other updates in the pipeline:
WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, is also planning to roll out animated stickers, and the Doodle UI which allows users to add emojis to photos and draw on them.

They are also working on an update which prevents other users from automatically adding you to group chats.

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