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Newly elected Ugandan MP embarrassed as his two wives fight on stage during his swearing in – Video


The embarrassing moment when a polygamous politicians’ two wives fought as he was being sworn in as newly elected MP was captured on camera

The incident happened in Uganda during the swearing in of members of the 11th parliament on May 19. Footage taken during the ceremony showed the newly elected MP, Attan Okia Moses, arriving with his two wives in tow. They proceeded to sanitise their hands as COVID-19 precaution measures stipulate before heading to the podium.

With the Bible in one hand, the Soroti Municipality legislator was ready to take the oath of office moments before drama ensued

A video of the altercation showed the two women jostling to stand next to him. One of Attan’s wives was standing next to him when the other came and insisted on taking her place. Amid the altercation, the MP was spotted looking down, perhaps because he felt embarrassed.

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