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New Nicki Minaj ‘Ganja Burn’ Video


Nicki Minaj has just released the music video for “Ganja Burn,” and it centers around a tale of biblical-level beef, so gather round children, zip it, listen. It opens with the story of a Generous Queen who, betrayed by someone close to her, allowed her queendom to be decimated. She then restores the faith of her followers by resurrecting herself and them. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it verges on being a female reboot of the TheGreatest Story Ever Told. The video then depicts Queen Minaj emerging from the sand in very sexy rags, and reanimating a cadre of her followers using the time-honored method of shotgunning smoke into a skull. The followers repay her by dancing her into a way better outfit until the video, directed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, culminates in her actual album cover coming to life. All in all, it’s definitely the most visually stunning subtweet ever made. Oh, and yes, this song’s title has officially been changed from the original “Ganja Burns,” just as our Generous Queen hath promised.

source: vulture