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Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade: I’m Still Hot As Summer



Yemi Alade

Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade: I’m Still Hot As Summer.  Yemi Alade – I’m Still Hot As Summer… Those are words that I am pretty sure of us will agree to especially look at the latest pictures the singer shared.

Yemi Alade shared with her 9.8 Million Instagram fans a beautiful picture that got everyone buzzing. But it’s the caption that stole all of our hearts because it’s true… Yemi said – Even With The Scar On My Right Leg, I’m still Hot As Summer 🌞🌝🔥🔥 #NewvideoOutNow #RemindYou #linkinmybio👆

Yemi Alade



We can barely see the scar but all the same, Yemi is blessed with beauty and talent such that we really don’t pay much attention to the scar. Yemi Alade is not stopping in 2020, she is taking all opportunities given to her heads on.

She shared a picture a few days ago and had this to say… YES TO TAKING ALL OPPORTUNITIES GIVEN TO US IN 2020🚀🚀🚀🚀 #wayMaker

Yemi Alade


Back to Yemi Alade and her hotness, here is one more picture of the Nigerian superstar that we think is worth sharing every day…

Yemi Alade We can’t talk about Yemi Alade and her beauty and not mention her latest video dropped a few days ago. The video that was dropped on 22 January 2020 already has almost 500K views. Watch Yemi Alade – Remind You (Official Video) Starring Djimon Hounsou below, I am sure you will fall in love with the video.

Source – News365 Naija

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Daisy Mtukudzi

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