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Faith Nketsi removes Njilo surname on IG

No, don’t worry. All is well. She said she hasn’t changed it on her ID so she’ll bring it back after that!

Soon after newlyweds, Faith Nketsi, and husband Nzuzo Njilo tied the knot. Faith Nketsi took it upon herself to add her husband’s surname on her Instagram Bio. As expected since she is already married, this did not come as a surprise at all.

Faith Nketsi says it was love at first sight and we could not dispute that. It was a glorious day when Faith Nketsi married her husband Nzuzo Njilo and the pair made rounds on social media for quite a long time. The reality TV star of Have Faith is not a strange in the limelight and her fame to stardom started a long time ago when she was in a dance group where she earned herself the name Queen Twerk.

However, things have taken a direction when a question has been posed to Faith Nketsi who has raised eyebrows when she removed her husband’s surname on her Instagram bio. One fan has put it to her and asked why is that.

Why did you remove your husband’s surname from your bio?

Faith Nketsi - IG Story

Faith Nketsi wasn’t shy to voice the reason as to why was her husband’s surname removed. Although this raised eyebrows on the social but Nketsi answered how she saw fit. Knowing Faith Nketsi, the question came about at the right time because recently there has been talks surrounding her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo.

Lol you guys are so observant. Well, I haven’t changed it on my ID so I’ll bring it back after that. I realized I actually want to soak that moment in when it happens” wrote Faith Nketsi.

The social media influencer, model, and reality TV star of Have Faith is known as a drama queen of note and it would not come as a surprise that perhaps the newlyweds are already experiencing trouble in paradise.


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