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Njuzu claims Ginimbi’s ex-manager MsShally was the one behind her s.e.xtapes leak, before attempting suicide


Not so many details on Njuzu’s health state has been revealed at the moment but word out there is she is currently in the hospital but these are just rumoured no evidence has yet been confirmed.

The news we are getting in or word on the street is saying that lady of the moment Njuzu has tried to commit suicide. This was shared by her close friend also a socialite who goes by the name of Randy Smallz. The two are known for being very good friends.

So after all the drama and scandals that took place yesterday, it seems Njuzu couldn’t handle it out anymore. Earlier she had issued a statement when only the 2 videos had been leaked saying its not the end of the world, these things happen. She said she was not even bothered about the videos.

She at some point even claimed that she was happy the videos leaked because people had the chance to see what Hell COmmander, MsShally’s ex-boyfriend is hitting.

But when the day ended more than six videos of her had been leaked including one she was using a bottle and another which she was being B0NKED by a young man which social media claimed was a ben 10.

This seemed too much for her and claims are that she attempted suicide but before she did that she said the video leaks were all being orchestrated by Hell Commander’s ex-girlfriend MsShally. Check her last post on her IG story.

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