Home Zambia News No Amount of Lies Will Derail the MMD Train – Chitika

No Amount of Lies Will Derail the MMD Train – Chitika

No Amount of Lies Will Derail the MMD Train – Chitika

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Hon Elizabeth Chitika has dismissed an online story that alleged that the MMD had been evicted from their Kabulonga Secretariat for failure to pay rentals as fake.

Hon. Chitika who was found getting an update from the Lusaka MMD Provincial leadership in light of the COVID 19 at the MMD Secretariat this afternoon said that the story was false.

“Thank You for coming through. This is the only National Secretariat that we as the MMD have. And as you can see, business is going on as usual and our office is open. If we were evicted, we wouldn’t have been here. Those are lies and they should be treated as a pinch of salt”, Hon. Chitika said.

Hon Chitika further alleged that those lies were being done by well-known enemies of the Party.

“We as the party have intelligence reports that that cheap propaganda was done by our Colleagues who lost the MMD leadership case last year. We are not surprised by their behavior. They are still nursing their court defeat. They have failed to believe that they are no longer MMD as the courts ruled that they remain expelled members. They are so bitter that they can create anything to embarrass the party”, Hon. Chitika said.

Hon. Chitika said that the landlord is looking for Mr. Felix Mutati and Raphael Nakachinda to pay a water bill of K25,000.

“To the Contrary, We found that the Secretariat had no running water for almost a year when we regot it back last November as our colleagues were not paying monthly water bills resulting in water bills accumulating to K25,000. The Secretariat had a stench like a toilet at a busy bus stop. The landlord is pursuing Nakachinda and Mutati for this bill”, Hon. Chitika said.

Hon. Chitika then said that No amount of lies will derail the MMD from forming Government next year.