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No one is out to kill Mr Hichilema-Katele Kalumba



No one is out to kill Mr Hichilema-Katele Kalumba

Former Finance Minister in the MMD government Dr Katele Kalumba says Zambia has investigative wings of government capable of investigating the role UPND President Hakainde Hichilema played in the privatization exercise.

Dr Kalumba said the matter of Mr Hichilema’s involvement is of public interest and that answers ought to be provided to the questions from Zambians about the sale of state assets.

Dr Kalumba, who featured on Hot FM’s Red Hot Breakfast said the Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission can handle the matter without unnecessarily spending additional resources on the investigation process.

He said he does not support calls to institute a Commission of Enquiry on the issue especially that Zambia has a number of economic issues required attention.

On the insinuations that government officials were sleeping during the privatisation process, Dr Kalumba said nobody was sleeping and “nobody was awake than others”, but emphasised that privatisation is a moral question that demands a “yes or no” answer.Bally pays condolences to Mwewa

When reminded that Mr Hichilema has decided to remain mute on the matter and instead is demanding $3 million from FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi who challenged him to explain his role during the privatisation programme and how he personally benefited from it, Dr Kalumba said the public has a right to seek Mr Hichilema’s answer as a government consultant.

He stated that government officials relied on the advice of experts engaged by the Zambia Privatization Agency and that consultants had a duty of care to protect the interests of the nation.

“Zambians are just demanding for answers from Mr Hichilema. No one is out to kill him. The questions are simple in the case of Intercontinental Livingstone Hotel, did he declare interest before advising the government on this transaction? If he didn’t, then it becomes a moral and possible criminal issue.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has said that UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has a duty to explain his role in the privatisation of national assets.

Mr. Ngulube said that Mr Hichilema has for years been calling on others to account for their actions and that it should not be difficult for him to do the same.

Mr. Ngulube said that if Mr Hichilema does not account for his actions, Zambians will have no choice but to take what Forum for Democracy and Development -FDD- leader Edith Nawakwi said as the truth.

Mr. Ngulube told ZNBC news in Lusaka that anyone who seeks public office should be ready to account for their sources of wealth.No one is out to kill Mr Hichilema-Katele Kalumba

He said accusing the Police of trying to arrest him is one tactic the opposition leader is trying to use to avoid responding to questions that have been asked by the FDD President regarding his role in the privatisation of national assets.

And, Nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda says the government should be decisive and investigate if there was misconduct on the part of the UPND Leader when he took part in the privatisation of government assets.

Mr Nakachinda said that if serving Ministers can be made to account for their action by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Mr Hichilema should not be treated differently.

He told ZNBC news that Mr Hichilema will do well to offer an explanation so that the matter can be put to rest and has since commended government for releasing the financial intelligence Centre (FIC Report, adding that much as the report contains information, which is not fully investigated, its release shows that government is fighting graft.



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