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Nolo Phiri 2019 pictures looking extra hot

Nolo Phiri 2019 pictures looking extra hot. Nolo Phiri is still adored by many despite exiting the popular eTV soapie and later re-joining it. Nolo Phiri is a force to be reckoned with, She’s extremely impulsive, emotionally needy and very confrontational. Her fashion sense is too foxy. I can’t do foxy every day!” Nolo Phiri has a very humorous way of putting things and had us in. This is why she is the best and always looking Amazing.

She likes to be happy and she makes sure she stays happy. Many will remember Nolo’s skilful portrayal of her character of six years, Niki. The talented actress, who also dabbles as a businesswoman, has been counting down to her character’s comeback on Instagram, and we are all ready to watch her do her thing on Rhythm City every evening on Etv.

She shared a few pictures of herself on Instagram that we thought are worth re-sharing… She is looking amazing and she is showing out the sexxy side of her that we all love! 2019 is proving to be a good year for her and the body goals she is serving are just out of this world. Check the pictures below…

Nolo Phiri

she writes interesting captions too, for this picture she just had to go simple she said: Spotted

Nolo Phiri

On this one, she was on a holiday with her son and they bonded in a special way: What could be better than mother and son bonding 

Nolo Phiri

After playing the lotto power ball she had this to say: Making it rain 💰 tonight! Just got my POWERBALL tickets. Feeling R200 million lucky 😁 Anyone else feeling lucky?? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #PowerBallDanceChallenge

Nolo Phiri

Look lovely 💕 Feel lovely. #Even & Lovely