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North West Chiefs Demand 15% Of Mining Income

Chiefs in the North Western Province have urged the government to reconsider the mining policy and include clauses stipulating that 15% of mining companies’ profits will stay in the host provinces.

On behalf of seven traditional leaders who met with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA in Kalumbila District before the opening of the Enterprise Nickel Mine, Chief MUMENA of the Kaonde People made this statement.

Giving back to the host communities, Chief MUMENA continued, will enable locals to take advantage of the mineral wealth.

The traditional leaders also suggested that local communities that serve as mine hosts own 5% of the companies.

In order to find a peaceful resolution to the issues they are facing, President HICHILEMA has instructed traditional leaders in the Province to call a conference with mine investors and the nearby people.

Additionally, Mr. HICHILEMA stated that he will put together a team to handle the problems brought up by the traditional leaders.

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