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Now that he’s famous, Prince Kaybee gets VIP treatment at church

Prince Kaybee

When Prince Kaybee walked into church he did not expect to be treated any differently from other members of the congregation. However thanks to the fame he has amassed over the last few years, the star has got VIP treatment from his church, something that shocked him.

The “Charlotte” hitmaker shared his disbelief on Twitter at how he suddenly got “special treatment” from his pastors after becoming famous. Kaybee said he also “suddenly” started getting motivational messages in his social media inbox.

Prince Kaybee

Taking to Twitter, he said, “After being famous my pastor wanted to see me, one of the church leaders started sending me motivating DMs, I knew right there I was gonna be soon called to sit in the front. I didn’t understand this because I thought church is the one place where people are treated the same.”

Fans then flooded his timeline with their opinions on the topic, many of those who responded said that the pastors were just eyeing the tithing that they would get from Kaybee.

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Zodwa Wabantu

But a few days ago, Zodwa left many of her fans confused when she posted a video of a skin-lightening recipe to Instagram. “Hi guys, this is my milk, fresh milk. This is for skin lightening – my skin lightening milkshake,” she tells fans. “Skin lightening, skin glow – you’ll see the results in two weeks. Read more

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